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Wild love real-couples

Calyn and Byron’s engagement shoot was relaxed, real, and beautiful, just like the love between them. Read More

Urban style real-couples

When he asked me to capture him and his girlfriend Leigh in a couple’s shoot, I was thrilled. I knew Read More

Real-weddings Fezile & Lindiwe

I was fortunate enough to work with the amazing Precious from Precious Celebrations at this incredible wedding held at the Read More

Real-weddings Youla & Carlos

Awesome wedding photography opportunities were everywhere – from the special catholic wedding service to unique wedding traditions and an incredible Read More

Morning after couple shoot with Clayton & Christina

The interplay of the waves, the style of this couple, and their love creates a truly romantic shoot. It reminds Read More
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  • Philosophy

    What is the most important aspect of any event? Simply, how you feel as you experience it. My main aim when photographing weddings is to capture how you feel on those days in a creative way. I don’t deliver photos – I handover precious memories. I don’t put together albums – I tell your story.I don’t sell a product – I offer you an experience.In my view, wedding photography is the perfect combination of fantasy and authenticity and it’s this combination that keeps me passionate about creating images that are personal, timeless, and visionary. Email me about your special day – I’d love to tell your story.
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  • 1. What is your style of photography? +

    My style is inspired by three different types of photography: photojournalism, fashion photography, and fine art photography. I combine these styles in different ways because I believe every photograph must be a personal expression of you that captures a timeless memory in a visionary way.
  • 2. Who will be photographing my event? +

    I photograph all events with the help of my (very organised) partner and assistant, Natalie. I may call on Natalie to photograph the details / décor at your event. Apart from that, Natalie is a backup shooter with a talent and scholarly background in art. Together, we immortalise every aspect of your event.
  • 3. Where are you based, and what is your travel policy? +

    My office is based in Abbottsford in Johannesburg, South Africa. My event pricing is set up to cover my travel costs for any function that takes place within a 50km radius of my office. If your event is outside of this radius, I do charge additional travel and accommodation costs.
  • 4. How long after our event will we get our finished product? +

    I spend between eight to 12 weeks with your images in post-production. This is will vary depending on your selected package and the number of photographs included in that package. I always do my best to get your photographs to you as soon as I possibly can without compromising quality
  • 5. What, and how many, images do we get? +

    I pride myself on offering a premier service and an exquisite finished product. To maintain this standard, and provide you with only beautiful memories, I give you only edited, high-resolution images. The number of photographs you receive depends on your selected package, but I can promise you one thing: you’ll get all the photographs you need to tell your special story.
  • 6. How do we book you for our event? +

    After meeting with you and / or discussing your particular photographic needs, your date is secured once you pay the 50% booking fee. Once Natalie has booked your event in my calendar, the date belongs to you and ‘wild horses couldn’t drag me away’.
  • 7. How does payment for an event work? +

    Your booking fee is half of your total package investment. The final installment is due at the latest within two weeks of your event. We understand, however, how crazy planning an event can get and for this reason, we do send you a friendly little reminder of when payment is due.
  • 8. What happens if our event runs overtime? +

    My packages are time-based because the longer I spend at an event, the more photos I take and have to edit. However, if something out of your control happens at your event that delays the day’s proceedings, Natalie and I may stay up to half an hour longer than your package hours, free of charge. We want to make sure we cover your event as fully as possible.
  • 9. What is your view on other photographers at our event, professional or amateur? +

    I am happy for family or friends to take photographs at your event – with smartphones these days, granny is going to want some photos immediately on her phone. I simply ask, out of respect to you and the investment you’ve made in hiring me as your official photographer, that your family and friends avoid interrupting my ability to get a shot at any time during the event. As for professional photographers, part of the condition of working with me as your event photographer is that I work with you exclusively for the duration of your event. Of course, there may be times when an additional photographer is required. This is something that would be discussed at our meeting prior to your event.
  • 10. I would like / have an album with my package. Please explain the album design process. +

    As a professional photographer, I am skilled at telling a story using images. As such, I compile a first draft of your album. I then invite you for a viewing appointment where I run through the electronic layout of the album with you. At this point, you may ask for a change in layout or addition of other edited photographs. In this instance, I’ll adjust the layout of the album while you wait. In terms of the design of your album, I keep to a simple style of presenting my work. This allows the beauty of your photographs to hold the focus of the viewer when paging through your album. Also, the genuine leather-bound books will not date; your album will be as timeless as the memories contained within its pages.
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